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Sharpeagle Fastener industrial Co.,Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in fasteners' production. Sharppro Fastener industrial Co., Ltd. is based in Taiwan, produces many kinds of fasteners. We are able to provide customized one according to customer's requirment.

Sharpeagle Fastener industrial 
Co.,Ltd has always adhered to the principle of integrity, service and continuous efforts to seek new business ideas, providing excellent products and services that meet customer needs.
- Customized products are welcome to contact us for ordering -

Sharppro Fastener industrial Co.,Ltd Products:  We specialize in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum, among others for screws, custom screw, special screw, precision screw, grooved screw, rounded tail screw,  self-tapping screws, two side threaded screws, stainless screws, copper screws, double-head screws, set screws, hexagon socket screws, mold clamping screws, open dies screw, bicycle screws, special steel screws A286 screw, rivets, multi-punch dies screws, hollow rivets, etc., It can also be customized according to your special needs.